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The Itinerary

I have been getting questions from everyone about my itinerary, so here goes!

June 17-20: Drive Elko to Home

June 20-22: See Family and last minute packing needs

June 23:

Corey arrive Chicago via plane (need to get ticket-today).
Me and Trinity taking Amtrak (still need to book)!!
We got a free night at the Hard Rock Hotel (courtesy of my long stay at the hotel here in Elko). It's a great looking place! 4 Star!!

June 24:
Leave Chicago 6:50pm

June 25:

Arrive Dublin at 8:30am (Dublin time)
We are planning to spend the day exploring what we can of Dublin. I am hoping to hit a true Irish Pub for a pint and dinner.
Spending the night at Avalon House Hostel.

June 26:

Leave Dublin 7:10am
Arrive Rome 11:00am

June 26-July 2: ROME ~ Rented apartment

July 3-6:

Rome to Naples
Lodging at Bella Capri Hostel
Day trip to Pompeii and Mt Vesuvius
Celebrate Trinity's 16th Birthday!!

July 6-18


July 19-26

Corey headed back to Rome for remainder of trip
Trinity and I to visit:
Cinque Terre
La Spezia

July 26-28

Back to Rome to prep for trip home

July 29

Leave Rome 8:55pm (local time)
Arrive Dublin 11:55pm (local time)
Overnight in Dublin

July 30

Leave Dublin 2:20pm (local time)
Arrive Chicago 4:40pm (local time)

July 30-31

Recuperate at Hard Rock Hotel, Chicago (two more free nights!!)

Aug 1st

Corey fly back to Louisville
Trinity and I take Amtrak back home.

Aug 2-?: Hope like hell I can find a job!!![i]

Just as a side note: This plan is only an outline. I am open to any/all suggestions. I am sad that we are not going to southern Italy, but I just don't know how to fit it in the time frame that we have allotted. I made a silly mistake (trying to save a few $$ on the flight) by flying into Rome instead of Milan and we are forced to do some backtracking now.

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So, I have decided to take the kids to Italy for a family vacation. We are planning 5 weeks and the airline tickets are purchased! It's exciting and a little daunting. The expenses are going to be massive (paying for all three). I am currently working my ass off here in Elko, NV in order to pay for the trip. I hope in the end it is worth it.


Such a large expanse of space to cover in what feels like a very short time. We are landing in Rome (via Dublin) and the current plan is to go to Naples then work our way north to Venice. From Venice, Trinity and I will probably head NW and Corey will most likely head back to Rome where we will meet back for the flight home. Whew.....it's already been a lot of work and research to plan just this far. I hope to keep things simple and open and not to plan too much in advance in order to allow for day to day changes.

I wish Corey and Trinity would take a more active part in the planning but it's difficult with us all so far apart from each other. It will be great to all be together again, even if for a short time.

That's it for now.....


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