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A Day in Dublin

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Being asked for directions...twice. Once in Chicago and once in Dublin. Love the feeling of being approachable, or the feeling of not being a tourist or maybe both.

Learning to walk on the wrong side of the sidewalk. Feeling like a drunk on Saturday night, weaving in and out of the foot traffic and tripping over things. I think I nearly got hit 3-4 times and tripped over stuff (probably my own feet) at least twice.

“Bin your gum” Not Euro 150 First, I love the phrase! Second...that's a lot of Euro for tossing your gum on the ground! They take littering seriously here.
Wondering when kids this young started traveling. I swear that some the kids in the hostel tonight look like they are about 12 y/o.

Trinity College: Trinity now wants to attend and we don't know what it offers. But they do have a cool 'Trinity' sweatshirt! Thinking maybe a Christmas gift....shhh, don't tell her!!

The shock of co-ed bathrooms. On finally checking into our room and readying for a nap, Corey returned from the bathroom facilities with a little embarrassment showing. I was unaware of the co-ed bathroom on booking so wasn't able to warn him. I think he might get used to it

Saw my first castle. Dublin Castle. Only one very small section even looks like a castle anymore. There has been what appears to be multiple additions over the years and only the entrance gate and one small section even look like a castle.
Officially obtained my first blister....and it HURTS! Need to learn to use public transport a little more and walk a little less.

We left Chicago via Aer Lingus in route to Dublin. The flight itself was quite uneventful. Unfortunately for the three of us it was also restless. On arriving in Dublin, we had all been awake for the better portion of a full 24 hours.

If you ever stay at the Avalon house, be aware that when they say check in is at 1400, they really do mean it. I assumed that it would be much like any hotel that I have stayed in and if a room was available we could check in early. I was wrong. We arrived Dublin around 10am all ready for a short sleep before exploring and were forced to explore on no sleep. I think at this point, we were all a little agitated. No one was allowed early entry and there was about 12 people waiting to check in at 1400....finally nap time!

My sight-seeing in Dublin was short and incomplete. I have to say that I do like the feel of the city. It's very youth-full and looks like lots going on. I will have to plan for a couple of days on a return trip. Not feeling much like wandering tonight. With little sleep and blisters on my feet, it's just going to have to wait for a better day. Will head to temple bar area a little later when the rest of my travel group wakes up and feels like getting a bite and a beer. Hope that a drink or two will help me sleep tonight.


Have a three hour flight into Rome tomorrow....then we can relax for a little while as we will be staying there for 7 nights. Plenty of time to explore Rome at a casual pace.


Update: Got out for a little dinner and Trinity's First!!!

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The windy city

Chicago, the point of departure.

It's called the "windy city" but it's been hot as hell and no wind in sight. I always thought that it was so called due to the winds coming off of Lake Michigan. I was wandering in Borders yesterday to get some reprieve from the heat and found a "Best of..." book by Lonely Planet. Browsing through the book while sipping on a coffee in the much appreciated air-conditioning, I found that the nickname for Chicago isn't what I thought. According to the Lonely Planet the windy-city was so named due to the long-winded politicians of Chicago. So, no wind for me today....


We are lounging at the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown Chicago, awaiting our departure to Rome (via Dublin). It is becoming more and more difficult for me to sit and wait. I am ready to begin the trip and explore the Roman Empire (and hopefully learn some of the history along the way).


The kids have already put me in my place as a travel companion and not Mom. It's difficult to remember that they are growing into adulthood quicker than I would like to think. I have been over-ruled a couple of times and our trip has barely started. I am trying but it's hard to not be Mom.... I am sure that there will be many instances where I 'forget' and treat them as children instead of the adults they are becomiing...

I don't think that we have forgotten anything essential. We managed to charge everything overnight so all the electronics are charged, packed and ready to go. If there is anything that we forgot that we cant live without....it will have to be obtained along the way.

More to come soon.

Ciao (bye)

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or Mom's chance to embarrass the kids!!

I'm a little late on this but before we head out to the great country of Italy, I thought I would introduce 'TheTreftFamily' to those that may not know us...

Me: My name is Candy and I work as a travel RN in the US. I am 39 y/o and mother of the below-mentioned near-adult/adult children. A wanderer at heart and finally have the means to explore my wanderlust (hoping to share a bit of it with my kids).

Corey: Oldest of two children. Eclectic, writer, comedian, dreamer, non-conformist, and handsome 21 year old man. Always able to make you laugh. Best, most devoted friend anyone could have.

Trinity: Baby of the family. Sweet, kind-hearted, loving, confident, adventurer, achiever, would give you the shirt off her back if she thought you needed it. Pure blond at moments and lover of life. Beautiful inside and out 15 y/o young lady. (Will be celebrating her 16th birthday in ITALY!!)

So....we are ready to head out on a family adventure with very little experience under our belts. We are certain to have times of awe, aggravation, enjoyment, frustration, thankfulness, and a plethora of other emotions along the way. In the end, I hope that it brings us closer as a family and gives me the opportunity to witness first hand what beautiful and intelligent young adults my children have become.

Wish us luck and good travels. And please drop a note along the way...it will be interesting to see who is following us on this blog.....

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23 Days....2 hours....32....31....30 minutes

...as the countdown approaches, the stress increases!

Actually, I will be leaving Elko, NV in a mere 11 days (or 5 more shifts, if you want to look at it that way). I am planning to travel across country via caravan with my travel RN friend Teresa. We will split up in Missouri as she heads home to visit her family and I head on to Louisville to meet up with Corey. I am so excited about having the kids together again (it's been almost a year!). Also looking forward to a little time with just Corey and me to catch up on what's been going on in his life....Never thought I would miss him as much as I do! OK, I did know....

Corey got his passport without too much difficulty and I am still waiting for Trinity's to come through. I have been having issues with the passport office in San Francisco. It seems as though I 'forgot' to mail some imperative piece of documentation and I have been fighting through automated answering machines, messages undelivered and too many minutes on hold in attempt to find some answers. I am crossing my fingers in hopes that her passport will come through on time for our departure....feel free to send a prayer up if you believe in that sort of thing! I'm sitting on pins and needles hoping that we will have her passport in hand in time....

If the passport issues aren't enough, I am also fighting with the Nevada board of Nursing regarding my permanent license. My temp license expires on June 2nd and I still have 5 more shifts scheduled to work on this contract. It seems that the NV BON decided to sit on my fingerprints for about two months before forwarding them to the FBI for my background check!! I'm just having no luck at all when it comes to government agencies right now!! I did get to have a nice little chat with the FBI the other day and that's not something that just anyone can say they have done. It would appear that my fingerprints checked out with them, so you wont have to send my mail to the federal pen anytime soon. Now if I could just get someone to light a fire under NV Board of Nursing......

I really wouldn't mind missing out on my last 5 shifts in 'hell' but I had budgeted my last two paychecks for the trip and it's going to cut me short if I dont end up working....we might be eating Raman noodles if that happens. Do they have Raman Noodles in Italy?? Someone might want to fill me in!!

So....only two hours on the phone today and I am still no closer than I was on Friday......

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Resources and Links

A lot of research and planning for the Italy trip. This is just a list of the sources I found. It's mostly for my own reference but could be potential good info if your planning a trip.




Lodging: http://www.avalon-house.ie/
Transportation: http://www.dublinpass.ie/dublinpass/transport/rambler.asp?refID=
Lodging: http://www.bewleyshotels.com/


Lodging: http://www.vrbo.com/164603
Transportation: http://www.atac.roma.it/
Sites: http://romapass.it
Metro Map: http://www.rome.info/metro/
Last minute Theater: http://www.spettacoloromano.it
Free-Flick: http://www.casadelcinema.it


Lodging: http://www.bellacapri.it/

Sites: http://venicecard.it

Cinque Terre http://www.cinqueterre.com/eng/information/card/



Air: http://ryanair.com

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