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June 2009

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Non salire o scendere durante la chiusura

Literaly translated means "not to go up or to come down during the closing"

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If you have ever wondered why signs like this are posted....it's because people like me do stupid things! Trinity and I were checking out the different stops on the Subway...randomly stopping and checking out the local areas. BTW, the south side of the orange line is a little seedy looking, if you wanted to know.

We were at one of the last stops on the orange line and heading back home. As we were coming down the steps the train was stopped..."hurry", I said to Trinity....as i walked quickly to the subway. You see the pic? Yep, that was me! Half in and half out of the subway door, with Trinity behind me unable to get on and (I assume) looking at me as if I was a complete idiot! I could have avoided being in such a predicament in two ways: 1>hop on and leave Trinity to catch up at the next station or 2> Not try to hurry onto the train. However, I did neither and ended up STUCK! I guess that I just assumed that the doors would automatically sense that there was a person there and re-open like they do in an elevator...but they DO NOT. Dont try this on your own...take my word for it! The subway doors WILL close no matter if you are in them or not!

I came out of the situation totally unscathed (except for my pride). Trinity and I took the next train (where the people on board were totally unaware of my previous blunder).

So, the next time that you find yourself on the Rome subway, remember to HEED ALL WARNING SIGNS!! (I know that I will).

Trinity and I had a great day playing around and visiting some of the major tourist sites.



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Days 2 and 3 Getting lost and staying out until sunrise.

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We are starting to feel a little more comfortable getting around now. Still using our feet instead of the (probably) more reliable and less tiresome transit system. I'm not certain why but it's just nicer seeing things while walking instead of from a window.

We are all having a difficult time adjusting to the time change. Corey and I are night workers anyway and Trinity is just stuck doing whatever the rest of us do (poor thing). So the last two days we have pretty much slept for most of the day then wandered around at night. It's got it's good points and also the drawbacks. The major drawback is that most of the restaurants are closing when we are just getting hungry, as well as the stores. We have need to stop at the grocery and get a few things like laundry soap and razors (legs are a little hairy at this point), but it's all closed when we are awake. We have eaten pizza around 0100 for the past two nights due to that being the only thing open....well, that and gelato. Did I mention the gelato yet? OMG! Delicious!! I think I could live on gelato....

Corey got lost wandering around last night on his own. He ended up on some highway, he thinks he might have been headed to Europe!! Fortunately, he made it back unscathed around sunrise. Night time is the best for photos of some of the major landmarks. Trinity and I have the Trevi fountain almost to ourselves this morning around 0430. Just us, a group of 4 European drunk kids and about 6 vagrants sleeping on the steps.


This evening, we went to the Pantheon. Got a few pics but it was closed so we will have to make it back during the daytime in order to see the inside. Everything here is soooo massive. It makes me feel very small and insignificant. My pics do NOT do any of it any justice. It is so beautiful and peaceful here.


Going to try to get up during the day tomorrow or uhh today....and get back on a normal schedule (it's 0230 now).


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....so moved that I cried.

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After we arrived in Rome we settled into our apartment (which is wonderful!). We all slept for a while and showered. Except for Trinity....by the time she got to the shower the water was cold as ice. We forgot to leave the hot water switch on.....sorry Trin!!

We headed out of the apartment around 8pm for some dinner. We walked around in awe of the sights around us. At one point, about 1/2 hour into our exploring, I simply busted out in tears! Yes....streaming down my face making a fool of myself. It is simply breathtaking here. I am very lucky to have this opportunity and even luckier to be able to share it with the two most important people in my life. I will stop there or I'll be crying again!!


Everywhere you look there is something to see. From quaint Restoriante, historic ruins, sculptures, fountains.....it's endless. Each with their own distinct charm. I cant even begin to describe what we saw or how each made me feel.


We had forgotten about food as we were mesmerized by the sights around us. Finally, we stopped and grabed an apple to tide us over for dinner. Finally giving up on finding something, we ventured back to the apartment around 0100. Trinity and I found a place to have a Roman pizza and 1/2 liter of wine before heading to bed.

Night-time is something to see in Rome.


Life is very good....


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A Day in Dublin

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Being asked for directions...twice. Once in Chicago and once in Dublin. Love the feeling of being approachable, or the feeling of not being a tourist or maybe both.

Learning to walk on the wrong side of the sidewalk. Feeling like a drunk on Saturday night, weaving in and out of the foot traffic and tripping over things. I think I nearly got hit 3-4 times and tripped over stuff (probably my own feet) at least twice.

“Bin your gum” Not Euro 150 First, I love the phrase! Second...that's a lot of Euro for tossing your gum on the ground! They take littering seriously here.
Wondering when kids this young started traveling. I swear that some the kids in the hostel tonight look like they are about 12 y/o.

Trinity College: Trinity now wants to attend and we don't know what it offers. But they do have a cool 'Trinity' sweatshirt! Thinking maybe a Christmas gift....shhh, don't tell her!!

The shock of co-ed bathrooms. On finally checking into our room and readying for a nap, Corey returned from the bathroom facilities with a little embarrassment showing. I was unaware of the co-ed bathroom on booking so wasn't able to warn him. I think he might get used to it

Saw my first castle. Dublin Castle. Only one very small section even looks like a castle anymore. There has been what appears to be multiple additions over the years and only the entrance gate and one small section even look like a castle.
Officially obtained my first blister....and it HURTS! Need to learn to use public transport a little more and walk a little less.

We left Chicago via Aer Lingus in route to Dublin. The flight itself was quite uneventful. Unfortunately for the three of us it was also restless. On arriving in Dublin, we had all been awake for the better portion of a full 24 hours.

If you ever stay at the Avalon house, be aware that when they say check in is at 1400, they really do mean it. I assumed that it would be much like any hotel that I have stayed in and if a room was available we could check in early. I was wrong. We arrived Dublin around 10am all ready for a short sleep before exploring and were forced to explore on no sleep. I think at this point, we were all a little agitated. No one was allowed early entry and there was about 12 people waiting to check in at 1400....finally nap time!

My sight-seeing in Dublin was short and incomplete. I have to say that I do like the feel of the city. It's very youth-full and looks like lots going on. I will have to plan for a couple of days on a return trip. Not feeling much like wandering tonight. With little sleep and blisters on my feet, it's just going to have to wait for a better day. Will head to temple bar area a little later when the rest of my travel group wakes up and feels like getting a bite and a beer. Hope that a drink or two will help me sleep tonight.


Have a three hour flight into Rome tomorrow....then we can relax for a little while as we will be staying there for 7 nights. Plenty of time to explore Rome at a casual pace.


Update: Got out for a little dinner and Trinity's First!!!

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